British airlines and tour operators discuss lower airport taxes on Baleares with the regional govern

A delegation of British airlines and tour operators have been discussing with the Baleares government at a meeting this week the possibility of reducing airport taxes during the winter as an incentive to bring more British tourists to the islands in the low season. These taxes are set by central government, but Diario de Mallorca reports that the islands’ government hopes that Madrid will allow it to have a share in managing its own airports, which will then give it a say on the taxes. It’s understood that work is already underway towards that goal. The British Consul for Baleares, Paul Abrey, was also at the meeting with the Regional President, José Ramón Bauzá and tourism councillor, Carlos Delgado, and forecast some 3 million British visitors for next season. ‘Baleares receives more tourists than Italy or Portugal’, he said. But there are concerns that numbers could go down if plans by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, to raise airport taxes go ahead, with a consequent increase on ticket prices. A recent report from the British Chambers of Commerce called on the UK government to abandon its plans to increase air passenger duty and design a long-term aviation policy to help the economy and boost business.
Nov 6, 2011

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