We guarantee the lowest prices when hiring a car at Malaga airport.

Car hire Malaga airport

Car hire Malaga airport

Thanks for visiting malagacar.com, where the service makes the difference.

We are not car hire Malaga brokers, who often advertise low price but then make you wait on long lines in front of a counter where one person has to take care of all the arrivals, causing you unnecessary delays in getting on the road to your destination.

At Malaga Car, we pick you up and drop you off at the airport, quickly and comfortably. You won't have to wait, you will be driving your car in less than 15 minutes.

At the end of your stay we will leave you at the Departures Hall, so you can be on your way without delay. We really care about our customers, unlike brokers, who often cause you to waste up to 40 minutes on your return and then leave you at the parking area, having to walk with your luggage up to the Departures Gates.

No waiting time at Malaga airport

And the fact that we don't use brokers also means that we don't have to pay high commissions, which would be passed on to the customer, so we can really provide low cost car hire in Malaga. And don't forget: All cars in our fleet are new!