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You should appraise yourself fully with these terms and conditions as they constitute a legally binding agreement. You will be entering into a contract with

  1. The Site has been designed as a portal for you to advertise your property for short or long term rental or for sale. This site permits members (by subscription) to offer for rent a specific property, we do not and will not be a party to any rental agreement. We will permit our members to upload content to advertise their property either for rent or for sale, however we are not responsible for the content therein whatsoever, and includes any address book, testimonials, We disclaim any and all liability arising from the alleged accuracy of the listings. Any video or other type of link. We reserve the right to remove any material whatsoever which is deemed by us as unsuitable. Offensive or not in the public interest. It is the sole responsibility of the subscriber to keep the content of your advertisement up to date and within the limitations of these Terms and conditions. We accept no liability.

    Subscribers solely agree to have all permissions necessary to include any and all material used on their listing with Rent Miraflores.

    Rent Miraflores staff or agents are not responsible for any copy write infringements.

  2. Personal Use.

    We do not charge a fee to members to advertise their holiday  properties for sale on the Site; We do charge an annual fee to owners to advertise there property for rent.we do not charge persons to access the Site and research any of our listings. We grant all users a limited license which can be revoked at any time to access the Site to make legitimate enquiries to members regarding their holiday rental properties or properties for sale. No other use of this site is permitted, this license does not include any right to collect, copy, display, duplicate, any data or use any data gathering tools without our prior written permission from

  3. Downloading of Information from this Site

    All information on website, images, photos, maps and other materials on the Site and links are only for your personal use. All such data, and the Site itself, is protected by copyright and database rights, you or your agent are not permitted to copy or store any content,, other than for your personal, noncommercial use.

  4. Unauthorized Use

    No part of this site may be reproduced in part or whole or saved on any computer. No person shall upload any unlawful, abusive, indecent, threatening, libelous, obscene, defamatory, vulgar, inflammatory, sexually explicit, or profane material of any kind in any format or any material that could considered a criminal offense, or give rise to civil liability.

  5. Changes to Site

    We reserve the right to make changes, alterations, remove sections or part sections or add sections as deemed necessary. We retain the right to temporally withdraw the site for upgrades, repair or other unforeseen circumstances, every effort will made to secure the least down time as possible, no refund of subscriptions or part subscriptions, will be given for any down time.

  6. Limitation of Liability

    No member of the staff or agents, will be liable for any lost profits or any indirect loss whatsoever, arising from our site.

  7. Release

    Should a subscriber or subscribers or anyone else have any dispute over the content on your listing, you the subscriber hereby agree to resolve the dispute yourself and exclude from any claims, expenses or liabilities connected to the matter. Rent Miraflores reserve the right to remove any content in dispute from the listing.

8. By subscribing to The owner confirms that they and their property are legally permitted to offer their property for rental as per all Spanish rental laws.the owner or agent will direct all potential clients who have contacted them via any link on the web site for the purpose of an enquiry which leads, or is intended to lead to acompleted booking  by the client, The owner agrees that any such client will be directed to make all bookings via the web site. Any owner or agent who fails to direct such a client will be liable for the full payment of any booking fee  that the client failed to pay, In addition if the owner fails to pay this outstanding required booking fee, the owner’s property listing may be removed with no refund of subscription charges ,At the discretion of Rent Miraflores.

In order to avoid misuse of the web site, enquries from rental clients may be redirected at anytime  to  for the purpose of monitoring website usage.  Any enquiry so redirected will be forwarded to the owner without the rental clients contact details being visible. Once the owner agrees to this booking then the full contact details of the client will be supplied to the owner.

9. The reservation fee is calulated by a pecentage  on the advertised price of the property, Should any owner or agent agree a lesser price than that advertised on the web site then the owner undertakes to inform the client that the reservation fee is based on the advertised price and not the reduced agreed price with the client. If any owner accepts any booking either personally or by instructing any member or rent Miraflores staff to accept the booking on their behalf  and for any reason at a later stage decides to cancel the reservation. the owner is responsible for the full refund of the booking fee paid by the client. all subscribers agree to this condition when advertising on the  web site.

All subscribers to may enter bookings for  family and friends not contacted by any link on the web site.

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10.This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Northern Ireland.

11. Amendments

We reserve the right to change these Terms from time to time, when we do so, we will notify subscribers of the fact that there are changed and will be asked to agree to the changes made.

12. Links to other sites

This Site may contain links to other Internet sites, these links, do not constitute an endorsement by us of any these sites or their contents.

13 .Layouts and Content

We reserve the right to determine the design, layout and functionality of our Site. We reserve the right to review edit or amend the content, layouts supplied by any subscriber. We do not accept liability for any content loss

14. Advertising

Subscribers agree that listing made by them are to run the full length of the terms agreed, there will be no refund for early termination of the advertisement. We reserve the right to refuse any listing submitted

for any reason in contravention of the terms and subscriber agrees we will be free from liabilities or loss from this decision.

The term Subscribing means listing your property on

The term Client means any person who contacts an owner or agent with the purpose of renting or buying a property listed on

The term Owner includes any property owner or agent or any part owner of the property, it will be deemed by subscription that the person who lists the property has the right in law and permission of all other owners of the said property to advertise the property and is resposible for the proper use of the site as per these terms and conditions.


By enquiring or making any reservation or confirmed booking via the web site you agree to receive quarterly marketing emails from you will have the ability to unsubscribe at any time.

By Subscribing, enquiring, reserving or confirmed booking you agree to these terms and Conditions